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Okay. this needed to be put in. [20 Aug 2004|12:26pm]

oh lord. i wish i saved this conversation. but i was talking with someone about my going to school in kansas. now, i had driven down to missouri where my bro lives, was gonna stay the night, and then go to kansas..the neighboring state. so, at the time i was talkingto him, i was in missouri.

"So is missouri in kansas?"


i also hate the question. "are you coming back?" why the hell would i stay down here? i LIVE in michigan. i go to SCHOOL in KANSAS and live in a DORM. which also closes when the school does for those 3 months of summer! i like kansas, but i am not a resident! i do not live here full time! just WHERE would i live if i were to stay donwn here? and why would i? not all of the people who go to ksu are from manhattan, ks. they are from a couple hours away. ERGO i would be alone ANYWAY. Stupiiiiiiid!

some in staters do not understand the concept of out-of-state.
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this kid....has made me so happy [08 Jun 2004|06:32pm]

So somehow my friend Dan (from st louis's cousin got my sn and somehow figured out its me, 7th floor Becky. i dont know how this happened. so i tried to weasel out how this went down and suggested that he wanted to talk to a real gangster from 8 mile.
stlcardinal005: sure y not
The Poasm: nah thats not good enough.
stlcardinal005: ok well then i dont no
The Poasm: be a bit more creative, dont steal my answer
stlcardinal005: im not the same caliber as u stop using big words in only in high skoo
stlcardinal005: skool8
stlcardinal005: skool*
The Poasm: which word was the big word?
The Poasm: wow. you just corrected yourself with another misspelling.
The Poasm: you have made my day!
stlcardinal005: u keep sying wierd things
stlcardinal005: saying* there i did it again
The Poasm: ok. so i doubt Dan would say "Hey heres Becky on 7th floors screen name, why dont you im her."
The Poasm: sorry. im having a hard time not being awesome.
The Poasm: you're really bad at this game.
stlcardinal005: wait this is a game

I try again..
and it turns out to be a much more sad tale
The Poasm: how did you connect becky with the poasm?
stlcardinal005: umm.. well lets see i took all of his sns and out them on my bl
The Poasm: why would you do that.
stlcardinal005: cuz i was bored and i wanted to talk ot u
The Poasm: i mean, do you hae to steal names to have more on your list?
The Poasm: wow.
stlcardinal005: no i had 200 then took some people out
The Poasm: you removed the names??! your high school status level has just dropped.
The Poasm: you drop under 200 and you are no longer cool.
stlcardinal005: i no but now i have 200
The Poasm: well then thats just borderline.
stlcardinal005: ok
The Poasm: so you got family members on that list?
stlcardinal005: and U never answered my question
stlcardinal005: ya i have 7 or 8
The Poasm: uncool.
stlcardinal005: okk
The Poasm: if anything, those count as a NEGATIVE 7 or 8 buddies.
The Poasm: dude, im worried about your coolness here.

and i try to get him to drop me...using the uncool scare tactic.
The Poasm: and i only have 100 people on my list. im draggin you down. youre uncool by association.
The Poasm: with me on your list, your status level is rapidly dropping.
The Poasm: im like another negative 2 people.
stlcardinal005: y
The Poasm: to stay above 200 i think you need to drop your family members as well as myself.
stlcardinal005: y ur cool
The Poasm: dont be so sure.
stlcardinal005: ok
The Poasm: seriously dude, im dragging your aim status down.
stlcardinal005: ok h/o d is here
The Poasm: look at the conversation. everyones going to make fun of you for still talking.
stlcardinal005: ok
The Poasm: so you know what you must do.
stlcardinal005: i must zip it
The Poasm: zip meaniiiiing..
stlcardinal005: shut
The Poasm: im sorry, im not cool, i dont understand what your saying.
The Poasm: water it down for me.
stlcardinal005: ok
stlcardinal005: i said i must zip
stlcardinal005: then u said zip meaniiiiiiiiing... then i said shut as in shut it
The Poasm: but what does zip mean
The Poasm: is that slang for delete my screen name from your list?
stlcardinal005: shut
The Poasm: nothing personal. just the whole aim status thing.
The Poasm: which transfers over to high school status.
The Poasm: heaven forbid i be responsible for any of that.
stlcardinal005: ok i g2g cya

i like to perpetuate the status of coolness. it keeps the idiots away.
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im a diabetic [05 Jun 2004|10:11pm]

some black lady came into subway when i was working a while back and she had 2 salads from another subway and was freaking out about how there is yellow lettuce on her salads
the lady: "do you know what yellow lettuce tastes like?"
me:"uhhh no...."
the lady:(yelling)"its tastes bitter i cant eat this im diabetic i cant eat this"
then she goes on to tell me that she works out and is a teacher and teaches kids all day so she cant eat this yellow lettuce. then she tells me that she wants me to put green lettuce from our store on the salad i told her we couldnt do that cuz they arent from our store she gets pissed and wants to buy a new salad from us
i make it and when i she was paying she got all pissed cuz i didnt give her a discount for all the trouble she had to go thru.

some people are so fucking dumb
i guess if you are a diabetic, a school teacher and work out your fucked and cant eat yellow lettuce
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[05 Jun 2004|06:09pm]

April80000: i work at the theature
the P O A S M: which one?
April80000: the one in commerce
April80000: 14 and haggerty
the P O A S M: ooooh, how do you like it?
April80000: its ok
April80000: i work in the concessions and sell popcorn and stuff
April80000: i actually saw melissa one time while i was working
April80000: she was going to see a movie

that alone...is why she's serving popcorn.
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[12 May 2004|01:21am]

[ mood | high ]

one of my friends just said this:

"for some reason getting your clit rubbed while theres a cock in your ass feels really good"

this isn't stupid, but i thought it was funny and worth sharing with this community.

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What...has the world...come to.. [11 May 2004|03:06pm]

So, im procrastinating and packing up my room to come home...and as i find myself on tier 2 of procrastination (actually reading what your throwing away) i took a closer look at my little water jet glitter tube. and someones engrish is a bit off.
and i quote:
New! 25 feets!
Shimmering glitters flowing in the loop
Build-in three color LED lights illuminates controller
Safe and save.
free form of extra long tube (25 feet, 7.5 meters) It can be bend or mold into any shape
free accessary (not accesory) included. your imagination is the only limit. (okay now pause, brief moment. this sounds straight out of www.zombo.com . Welcome...to zombocom! you can do anything, at zombo com! the only limit is yourself!)
All in one unit is ready to use.

all of this back tto back. direct quotes from just one portion of the box....
oh, you silly sweat shop workers. accessory has -one- a.

Stupid thing #2 in my room...i was reading over the goods to my straightening iron... ""this appliance may have a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other.) As a safety feature, this plug will fit in a polarized outlet only one way. If the plug does not fit fully in the outlet, reverse the plug. if it still does not fit, contact a qualified electrician. Do not attempt to defeat this safety feature."

oh, i will defeat it. just you watch.
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fun with hypocrisy [11 May 2004|02:04pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

the hypocrite of the year award goes to:
steph blair!

alright i don't really know the details of what went on between miss blair and one tyler wicklund but i do know that steph, who according to reliable sources, cheated on tyler then proceeded to talk shit about cat, this community's moderator, for ::drum roll:: cheating on tyler.

that's not really funny, although it does display steph blair's hypocrisy pretty accurately. the funny part is that in her defense, one of steph's friends decided to stick her nose into the already unfolding drama and had this mature argument to add to the fight:

"your a fucking trick ho." can someone please teach livejournal users the difference between "you're" and "your"?!

"You did fuck over Ben and holy shit do i want to kill you for even dating him." when did ben get dragged into this?

"fuck a thousand more guys like you already have." i'm cat's best friend and i can assure you she's fucked way less than a thousand guys.

"I know a few secrets about you too bitch so keep yourself quiet and I'll do the same." yes, i'm sure this person with whom cat doesn't even associate knows quite a few secrets about her. uh-huh. i'd bet on it.

"Stop being a cunt and stop talking shit about my friend." who talked shit?

all that's nice and obnoxious, but my personal favorite is this exchange:

cat: u shouldnt talk shit about me to chelsea though, cuz she tells me.
steph: I knew that Chelsea would tell you what I said about you, you two are best friends and that is what best friends do.

ummm lame.

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